Trying To Find High Quality Acoustic Testing Services In London?

Finding the optimum quality acoustic testing services have been one of the most challenging thing. Allowing the clients to acquire matchless service, Nova Acoustics serves with proper infrastructure and expertise as well. Offering sound testing for houses and flats, Nova Acoustics Ltd caters to the necessity of having acoustic testing inside london, Manchester and surrounding area. Uncover more about Sound Insulation test


Sound Insulation Testing:


Sound insulation test has become one of several areas that this company has proved its expertise in. Providing nationwide sound insulation testing, this company will make it confident that building regulations Part E are followed and free advice exists.


Air Tightness Testing:


The BINDT registered engineers of your company provide fast yet friendly and efficient services in the bid to minimise the client’s downtime at your location.


SAP Assessment:


The company takes pride in doing in SAP calculation for any new-built extension or conversion. With the friendly, quick yet effective solution, the organization guarantees the ideal result.


Why Choose Nova Acoustics?


o    With prompt yet professional service, the company ensures that the clients have the best experience in the entire market.
o    With the health and qualified engineers, it is perfectly possible for you to attain your needs of the sound testing.
o    With the fast and efficient service, the company offers nationwide coverage.
o    Offering free design advice for your project, the company also offers free remedial service.
o    With the quick testing that allows minimising the site downtime, the company offers the best in the field at the most competitive price.


Top reasons to Refer To This Company


o    The company offers nationwide coverage.
o    The company has earned reputation in completing noise surveys within 3 days of enquiry
o    The company does not have any hidden cost.
o    The company keeps the assessment simple and to the point with honest feedback.